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During my years of teaching, I have focused on building classroom "communities of learners" with a sense of belonging, trust, and reliance among all individuals.  Just as every teacher strives for this in their own micro-communities, I envision the greater Lake Washington School District as a strong community of learners who are able to address all current and future issues by...


  • Embracing equity & inclusion by seeking to learn from the diverse experiences of ALL individuals

  • Using meaningful communication & collaboration to build trusting relationships that serve our students' best interests

  • Seeking innovative & creative ways to solve problems by calling on some of our most valuable members…our students!



I believe that a district focused on equity and inclusion is a district that recognizes and addresses the historical and structural inequalities that exist in our society.  By continuing to prioritize equity and inclusion, LWSD is not only preparing our students academically, but also socially and emotionally.  When we create a culture of belonging, students feel more connected to their school and their community and are more likely to succeed in all aspect of their lives.




I believe that effective communication and collaboration can help bridge the gaps between all stakeholders in a district.  Well-informed and involved stakeholders lead to greater trust, transparency, and shared ownership of LWSD’s successes.  In a district that values communication and collaboration, all stakeholders will feel heard, respected, and empowered to participate.    



I believe that innovation and creativity allow us to take a fresh look at the challenges facing our schools and to develop new, effective solutions.  By embracing new ideas and approaches, we can find innovative ways to meet the needs of all students.  Involving students in the problem-solving process generates greater collaboration and creates a more inclusive environment.  Students often have fresh perspectives and ideas that can lead to new approaches and solutions that may not have been considered by adults alone.   

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