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Three Issues?

Updated: Feb 13

School board members will face many important issues that must be addressed thoughtfully. I’ve kept a list of several issues presented at board meetings and in conversations with students, staff, and families.

As a political candidate, I was advised early on to pick three issues that I would use to campaign. I was told these should be issues that I deem most important and will focus on if elected. They should be a mix of current issues, like our mental health crisis, and topics that are gaining traction in the education community, like AI. Yes, these are important issues that need to be addressed by communities, organizations, and leaders. However, narrowing down all these issues to just three didn't feel right. What I feel is most important may not be something easily impacted and changed by a school director. Additionally, every issue listed here is the most important issue to someone in our community. After months of questioning and reflecting, I realized that instead of focusing on specific issues, I should really be focusing on how I will tackle every issue.

As a visual learner, I wanted to create something tangible to explain this concept during interviews and meetings with community members. So I created a magnifying glass. This magnifying glass represents the lens in which I will view every issue presented to the school board.

First, I will use a lens of equity and inclusion. Is the district making decisions that are equitable and inclusive for all individuals in our district? How can we seek to learn more about these issues from the diverse experiences of the individuals we serve?

Second, I will use a lens of communication and collaboration. Before the board makes any important decisions, have we held meaningful conversations with our community? Have we collaborated and encouraged our community to share their experiences and suggestions?

Finally, I will use a lens of innovation and creativity. We teach our students how to be critical and creative thinkers so they can solve complex problems. As adults, we need to do the same. We need to think outside of the box to solve some of our most pressing issues.

If elected, I understand that I’m one person working to address all of these concerns. In addition to my fellow board colleagues, I will need support from educators and staff, students and families, and unions and community leaders. Only by working together and understanding the needs of all can we truly bring about change.


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