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My Path to School Board Candidacy

Updated: Feb 13

I could say that my path to this school board candidacy began back in 1st grade when I interviewed my teacher for my “what I want to be when I grow up” assignment. Or maybe it began when I left the business world to go back and pursue a masters in teaching because I needed a career where I could make a difference in this world.

For those that know me, running for school board in the district where my teaching career began is an obvious next step in my journey to improve our educational system.

Last October, I sat down with Director Bliesner of the Lake Washington School District School Board who informed me that she would not be seeking reelection. Seeing as school board seats are based on geographic location, I always joked with my husband that once Director Bliesner left her position, I would see that as a sign to run for her open seat.

I wish I could say that choosing to run was an easy decision. But it wasn’t. I’m not someone who will jump into a job like this unless I know for certain that I can be successful. So, I started attending every study session and every board meeting. Oftentimes, that board room was filled with empty seats, and me.

I came prepared for every meeting, having read every piece of information that was attached to the board documents online. I pretended I was a board member and wrote down the questions I would ask. I slowly gained the confidence that was needed to make the decision to run.

After meeting with a school board director in another district, I was given the advice, “What are you waiting for? Just pull the band-aid off and sign up to run!” And so I did. I joked that the worse thing that could happen is that I have “candidate” listed on my obituary rather than “director”.

Once that band-aid came off in February, I was up and running. I began meeting with teachers, office managers, paraeducators, IA’s. I met with students, parents, community members, and local leaders. With the help of my dear friend from 7th grade and campaign manager, we created a plan of action for the next nine months.

I kept my fingers crossed that no one would sign up to run against me, but I had an opponent at the last minute. This forced me to meet with community members and leaders. I couldn’t just coast to winning, I had to campaign. And I’m so thankful! I have met so many amazing community members and leaders. I’ve built relationships that will continue past November 7th. I have been inspired by the work of so many and have a newfound hope for the future. There is so much good being done.

So as my road on this journey is nearing the end, I know that regardless of if I win or lose, my path will always involve improving education for all students in our community.


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