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It's time for our district to add an educator's voice to the school board.  As a fifteen year member of this community, I bring experience as a teacher in our classrooms, a director of nonprofits, a PTO president, and parent to neurodiverse children.  

I believe a school district should:

  • Support the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students in an environment where they are included.

  • Empower students, families, and staff to participate in decision making by building a culture of respect and trust

  • Embrace new ideas and innovative approaches to address the evolving educational and financial landscapes

I understand the challenges facing our schools and will help lead the district to prepare our students for a diverse and rapidly changing world.

--Lindsey Yocum

Hello LWSD Community!

Why Lindsey?

I bring valuable experiences and a unique lens as a former teacher in our local public schools.

I bring advocacy experience as a mom and teacher striving to make our systems more equitable and inclusive for ALL members in our communities.

I bring leadership and board experience as a former and current director of local nonprofits that provide inclusive environments.

I bring passion for improving our educational system and an understanding this systemic change needs to occur not only at local levels, but state and federal levels as well.

I bring a desire to connect with our community and provide opportunities for all members to be heard.


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  45th LD Dems  
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