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*testimonial included below


Lake Washington Education Association

Teamsters Local 763 

Laborers Local 242

Washington State National Organization for Women

National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

King County Federation of Democratic Women

King County Democrats

Washington State High School Democrats

45th Legislative District Democrats

41st Legislative District Democrats

1st Legislative District Democrats

Vote Mama 

Moms Demand Action, Gun Sense Candidate

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  45th LD Dems  
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Community Leaders & Business Owners

*Jackie Pendergrass, Former LWSD School Board President

Doug Eglington, Former LWSD School Board Director

Marcie Maxwell, Former 41st District State Representative

*Kraig Peck, Member of the 45th District Democrats Endorsement Committee

*Laura Fowls, Owner of Eastside Therapy Center

*Sandy Flores, Owner of Emerald City Gymnastics

Ann Glaser, Owner of Tiny Treks NW

Robert Kaskel, Redmond West Challenger Little League Coach

*Janet Richards, Community Leader

Tasnim Rehamani, Community Leader

Chris Simons, Redmond Business Owner

Bob YoderRedmond Resident

Educators & School Employees


Kat Bechtel-Hall, LWSD educator

Teixeira ClarkLWSD educator

Sally Freni, LWSD employee

Patricia Gilbert, BSD educator

Susan Heller, former LWSD employee

Shahina Mahmood, LWSD educator

Mylinda Mallon, former LWSD employee

Katie Mitchell, RSD educator

Samantha Powers, educator

Becky Seiler, LWSD educator and parent

Skye Van Cleave, LWSD educator

Tammy Waddell, former BSD educator

Na'eemah Webb, LWSD employee

Katie Wilt, LWSD educator

Elected Officials

Councilmember Sarah Perry, King County District 3

Senator Patty Kuderer, WA 48th Legislative District

Senator Lisa Wellman, WA 41st Legislative District

Senator Derek Stanford, WA 1st Legislative District 

Representative Amy Walen, WA 48th Legislative District

Representative Roger Goodman, WA 45th Legislative District

Representative Larry Springer, WA 45th Legislative District

Representative Tana Senn, WA 41st Legislative District 

Representative My-Linh Thai, WA 41st Legislative District 

Representative Shelley Kloba, WA 1st Legislative District

Mayor Penny Sweet, Kirkland

Mayor Angela Birney, Redmond

Mayor Kali Clark, Sammamish

Mayor Mason Thompson, Vice Chair for Fundraising, KC Dems

Councilmember Neal Black, Kirkland

Councilmember Kelli Curtis, Kirkland 

*Councilmember Amy Falcone,  Kirkland

Councilmember Jessica Forsythe, Redmond

Councilmember Melissa Stuart, Redmond

Councilmember Karen Howe, Sammamish

Councilmember Pam Stuart, Sammamish 

Councilmember Amanda Dodd, 1st Vice Chair of 1st LD Dems 

LWSD Community

Megan Anderson, LWSD parent

Sheri Billmayer, LWSD parent

Jacqueline Bruce,  LWSD parent and BSD employee

MJ Carlson, LWSD parent

Nancy Colburn, LWSD parent 

Amy Compton, LWSD parent

Gretchen Dalquist, LWSD parent

Kristen Dorwin, LWSD parent and community volunteer

Lori Dow, LWSD parent

Sarah Franklin, LWSD parent

Kirsten Hansen, community member

Virginie Harroch-Hudry, LWSD parent

*Antoinette Huss, former LWSD parent

Jennie Jaeger, current LWSD parent

Salim Khan, current LWSD parent

Stephanie Klein, LWSD parent 

*Cydney Knapp, LWSD parent and disability advocate

Kim Kurtz, former LWSD parent

Stephanie Lecovin, LWSD parent and sustainability advocate

Emily Littler, former LWSD parent

Marisa MancleLWSD parent

Beverly Marcus, community member

Nancy Nguyen, LWSD parent

Joy Randall, LWSD parent

*Carissa Robinson, LWSD parent and disability advocate

James Shoemaker, former LWSD parent

Susan Vossler, LWSD alumni


Julci Areza, former student & LWSD alumni  

Maxine Beeman, former student & LWSD alumni

Caitlin Buckley, former student & LWSD alumni  

Madelyn Colantes, former student & LWSD alumni

Jen Faulknerformer student & LWSD alumni  

Hali Hanformer student & LWSD alumni  

Maheen Keshaniformer student & LWSD alumni  

Dante Ludlowformer student & LWSD alumni  

*Samantha Secrist, current LWSD student

"Lindsey Yocum is a passionate leader with a deep and nuanced understanding of the Lake Washington School District. As students ourselves, we wholeheartedly endorse her for the LWSD School Board. As the sole educator or teacher running for school board, Lindsey brings a much-needed perspective to the table, and we strongly support her commitment to empowering youth and fostering positive change."
Washington State High School Democrats

"Lindsey always brings positive energy, intention, and experience into her work in education. With her, it is clear that leadership is a calling, not a position to be filled, and as a student I have never felt more represented or supported than during our conversations. All of us LWSD students have been waiting for an educator to be on the board, not to mention someone with the passion and wisdom to lead well, and I believe we will all benefit from Lindsey's addition."
Samantha Secrist
2023 LWSD Graduate 


“I’ve seen firsthand what a strong advocate Lindsey is for all our children. She works hard and genuinely cares about making our schools more inclusive. She has a unique combination of experience as an educator, volunteer, leader, and mom that we need representing our families. I’m thrilled that Lindsey’s running for school board and I enthusiastically endorse her.”  

Amy Falcone
Kirkland City Councilmember

"For a decade, I’ve been witness to Lindsey’s passion for people, education, and inclusive practices. Lindsey is a leader is every community she engages with, and is a passionate advocate for not just her own children, but for the progress, success, and inclusion of ALL. She brings to the table experience as a former LWSD teacher, parent, and advocate for marginalized students. With the district increasingly prioritizing inclusive practices, Lindsey brings a unique mix of all of the right perspectives and experiences. Lindsey would be a phenomenal addition to our LWSD school board."  
Carissa Robinson 
Disability Advocate & LWSD Parent 


“I've known Lindsey since she was a Quest teacher while I was the PTA President at Thoreau elementary. I've witnessed her passion for education and inclusion on many fronts. She is an out of the box thinker and will stop at nothing to come up with a solution. She is a bright light in the field of education and LWSD needs her insight and energy to make things happen for our students." 
Stephanie Klein
LWSD Parent

"Your endorsement committee enthusiastically recommends your endorsement of Lindsey Yocum for Seat 5 on the Lk WA School Board which is being vacated by Siri Bliesner.  For the Committee, the decision to recommend Lindsey was easy.  She's been a teacher--she even taught in the Lk WA Schools, and there's a huge benefit to having a professional educator on any School Board.  She has a record of action serving kids and serving our community.  

Both candidates are smart and capable, but there's a real difference between these candidates in experience, expertise in education, and in service to our community. We urge you to support Lindsey Yocum."

Kraig Peck

Member of the 45th District Democrats Endorsement Committee

"As a former LWSD School Board member, I believe the school district and Board will benefit having an educator’s voice and perspective."
Jackie Pendergrass
Former LWSD School Board President

"I have known Lindsey for so many years, and was originally drawn to her by her dedication, love and patience with her own children. I have watched Lindsey grow from a caring and concerned parent, to an experienced educator and an enthusiastic leader in our community. Lindsey’s experience, passion and work ethics, along with her determination to make our schools and our world more inclusive is the reason I proudly endorse her for LWSD School Board." 
Sandy Flores
Owner of Emerald City Gymnastics

"I can’t imagine a person more equipped for this position than Lindsey! Lindsey has a vast amount of experience and knowledge around both educational policy and practice. I find most people have experience in one or the other (policy or practice), but she has the unique mix of years of experience in both! Lindsey has an ability to put her forward thinking and innovative mindset to work within existing policies and systems. On a personal level Lindsey is exactly who I would hope my own children would have leading their educational community. She is kind, genuine, relational, creative, solutions focused, engaged, and so deeply committed to bettering the educational experience for all involved." 
Laura Fowls
Owner of Eastside Therapy Services

"Having an educator on our school board is something we haven’t had in recent history. Lindsey’s experience as a teacher and her involvement in this community allow her to understand the challenges facing our schools today. It’s time for a change."
Antoinette Huss

Former LWSD Parent

"I'm personally endorsing you! Your website says it all."
Bob Yoder

Redmond Resident


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