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About Me

During my fifteen years in this community, I have grown as a mom, teacher, and advocate for equity and inclusion, especially in our schools and workplaces.  My teaching career began in Lake Washington School District and since then, I’ve worked in a variety of educational environments throughout our community.  Today I am a director of a nonprofit farm in Redmond that provides inclusive and customized employment opportunities.


I’ve been preparing for this election for the past year.  During this time, I’ve focused on meeting with students, families, community members, business owners, current and past school board directors, and LWSD staff.  I keep hearing the need for school board members who understand the complexities of our public educational system from a variety of viewpoints.  My experiences as a teacher in our classrooms, a director of nonprofits, and a parent to school age children, have truly motivated me to continue making a difference in the lives of students in our community.   


Current Experience

  • Parent to children with disabilities and passionate advocate for inclusive practices within our schools and classrooms

  • Director of a non-profit sustainable farm with a mission to provide inclusive employment opportunities and skill development for adults in our community

  • PTO Co-President at LWSD's Environmental and Adventure School (grades 6-8)

  • Member of a LWSD parent run Choice School equity team working to diversify the student population in our district Choice Schools 

  • Environmental and Adventure School equity team member

  • Reading tutor for students with dyslexia

  • Art Docent at LWSD Elementary School

  • IEP Parent Partner through The Arc of King County

  • Breathe for Change SEL and Yoga instructor

  • Soil Food Web Soil Regeneration Grower Training Program student

Past Experience

  • Former 5/6 Quest Teacher in LWSD

  • Former 2-5 Pull-Out Quest Teacher in LWSD

  • Co-Founder and Co-Director of a successful inclusion focused and community centered non-profit independent school

  • PTSA Special Education Liaison in LWSD

  • Presenter of SEL and Mindfulness strategies for students of all ages

  • Co-Coordinator of Apraxia Kids annual Seattle Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech

  • K-2 literacy specialist at The Chrysalis School

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